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May 14, 2024

Glyde: Empower Program—A Tailored Solar Solution for Rental Properties


The Glyde: Empower Program is strategically crafted to meet the unique needs of rental property owners contemplating the integration of solar energy systems. This comprehensive program not only facilitates the adoption of green energy but also enhances property value, reduces operational costs, and aligns investments with sustainable practices.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Glyde: Empower

Zero Down Financing Options

To remove the barrier of upfront costs, Glyde offers $0 down financing options. This arrangement allows property owners to begin saving on energy costs immediately, without any initial financial outlay, making the transition to solar energy as seamless and financially feasible as possible.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

For property owners who prefer not to buy the solar system outright, PPAs provide a no-upfront-cost installation, with tenants paying for the power they use at rates lower than those of local utilities. This model is particularly beneficial for multi-tenant properties, ensuring energy cost savings are passed directly to tenants.

Customizable System Designs

Recognizing the unique characteristics of each property, Glyde's expert team offers custom system designs that consider factors such as roof size, orientation, and local sun exposure. These tailored designs maximize energy production and optimize the return on investment (ROI).

Efficient Permit and Paperwork Management

Glyde manages all aspects of the solar conversion process, including obtaining necessary permits and coordinating with local utilities. This comprehensive service guarantees a hassle-free transition for property owners, allowing them to focus on their core investment activities.

Environmental Impact and Compliance

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Adopting solar energy significantly lowers the carbon footprint of rental properties. This shift not only aids in combating climate change but also positions property owners as contributors to global sustainability efforts.

Adherence to Evolving Regulations

As environmental standards tighten, solar-equipped properties will meet new regulations more readily, avoiding potential costs associated with future compliance requirements.

Financial Incentives and Property Enhancement

Enhanced Property Value

Studies, including those by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, indicate that properties with owned solar systems can expect an increase in value by approximately $5,000 to $7,000 per kilowatt installed. This increase in property value is a direct benefit of solar investment.

Colorado's Net Metering and Future Benefits

Currently, Colorado offers a one-to-one net metering buyback rate, allowing property owners to earn credits for excess energy generated. Although regulatory changes are anticipated, systems installed now will be grandfathered into current terms, securing long-term benefits.

Tax Benefits and Asset Protection

Investing in solar allows property owners to leverage tax benefits if they have significant tax liabilities. The ability to write off the solar system as a depreciable asset offers an additional financial advantage, safeguarding their investment in a valuable asset.

Pearl Certification

Achieving Pearl Certification enhances a property's market appeal by verifying its energy efficiency and sustainability attributes. This certification not only increases property value but also attracts a broader tenant base that prioritizes eco-friendly living.


Transitioning to solar energy with the Glyde: Empower Program offers rental property owners a compelling opportunity to enhance their properties' value, appeal, and sustainability. By leveraging federal incentives, optimizing property values, and appealing to eco-conscious tenants, solar energy becomes a pivotal investment strategy for forward-thinking property investors.

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