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What Comes After Being an Affiliate?

Advantages and Disadvantages of different models within our affiliate program.
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October 24, 2022

At some point in the trajectory of affiliate marketing the income from the affiliate side becomes a prominent revenue contributor in the business. When that tipping point happens a lot of people start to question what there is beyond being an affiliate, and whether it makes more sense to continue building as an affiliate or move into running their own program.

Its important to note in advance that there are advantages to being an affiliate that many don’t desire to leave behind, but also advantages to taking on a more direct role in running the ship in its entirety.

Advantages to affiliate:

  1. Minimal to no training required
  2. High output for minimal input
  3. Plug into an existing business focused on the execution and delivery of the product
  4. Customer & rep support taken care of
  5. $$ return
    1. $1200/install average
  6. No legal responsibility

When running a Dealership

  1. Higher revenue value captured per account
  2. Still can use our customer support for assistance progressing accounts

In exchange:

  1. Must handle the progression of all accounts from time of sale to installation
  2. Must handle rep compensation and structure your program to support the solar offering
  3. Must train reps to close and progress accounts

In some cases, where the affiliate income surpasses the income brought forward from their existing line of business, many choose to allocate the time and effort to step into running the ship in its entirety. We have a dealer program we transition affiliates through that express a direct interest in transitioning from an affiliate to dealership within our program! For those that have an existing business that are providing a high yield of success, typically the reasoning for pursuing the affiliate over a dealer is because of the time investment required, and how unfortunately it tends to create a decline in their existing line of business - when introducing an entirely new business to operate and run.It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and some still desire to make the change, in either occasion our team is here to support any undertaking and play the supportive role to reach your next goal!

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