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How to Set Expectations to Create Higher Conversion Referrals and Appointment Sets

A simple formula is:Problem —> Solution —> Transition
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February 1, 2024

Certain key factors when included as informational bits increase the likelihood of appointments being set.

A simple formula is:

Problem —> Solution —> Transition

so lovelyyyyy 😍

1. Problem: (knowing the problem solar solves specific to your state is huge)

  • In Colorado utility rates are set to double (more likely triple) in the next 15 years. Most homeowners are not set to budget for that kind of impact month over month (especially with inflation affecting everything else). People aren’t going solar for the problems of today, they’re going solar because they’re not equipped to deal with whats to come. This is about energy security and equity.
  • Solution: Solar is a $0 cost investment, where we redirect the money they are currently throwing away to their utility company in exchange for turning the lights on, to an investment in their own power production plant. In essence they go from renters to owners, taking a liability on a variable interest rate that only ever increases, to an asset on a fixed payment plan that never increases, and eventually goes to 0.
  • Transition: Setting an appointment is simple, solars not a big decision, but it does require information to make an educated decision. As such, “Mr. X, if we could help get out of your current yearly rate increases, eliminate your current utility bill, so its $0, help you go solar for no upfront cost, and potentially even cut down the gas bills with it, do you see any reason you’d be opposed to getting more information?”
  • it’s meant to be a no brainer decision, an easy YES, so that we can set a time to provide the information required to make an educated decision, its that easy.
  • note: whenever a homeowner asks a questions - “That’s a great question for the energy specialist, if it comes back as something you can do I’m sure they’d be happy to provide you with all the pertinent information.”
  • Informational nuggets:
    • If your looking to slip in information that doesn’t reveal the how, but strengthens the why, below are examples of statements that won’t take away from the sale, or over educate, but strengthen the resolve to move forward with the appointment.

we have the black on black panels
  1. Let them know that our partners are low pressure, education oriented professionals that only help families move forward if they decide that it’s in their best interest to do so.
  2. Let homeowners know that you only partner with local installers with years under their belt, and the highest standards for customer delivery and installation. We’ve completed over 2500 installs in colorado alone.
  3. For a sense of urgency, we have found it effective to let them know that they are only taking on a certain number of projects per month, as they’re super busy, so if it comes back as something they can’t do, its often because they’re handling so many families attempting to meet the deadline for solar in the state. (if they ask about what deadline - “that’s a great question, our energy specialist will explain that if it comes back as something you can do, I’m not the expert”)
  4. Talk about how the group you work through has a unique solar program that allows homeowners to go solar for $0 down, and own the system, but unlike a lot of companies rather than waiting years to break even on their investment, most families are seeing savings day 1, but not everyone qualifies to do it.

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